This query page is designed to help you test OpenLink Virtuoso SPARQL protocol endpoint.
Consult the Virtuoso Wiki page describing the service or the Online Virtuoso Documentation section RDF Database and SPARQL.

There is also a rich Web based user interface with sample queries. In order to use it you must install the iSPARQL package (isparql_dav.vad).


Security restrictions of this server do not allow you to retrieve remote RDF data. DBA may wish to grant "SPARQL_SPONGE" privilege to "SPARQL" account to remove the restriction. In order to do this, please perform the following steps:
1. Go to the Virtuoso Administration Conductor i.e. http://localhost:8890/conductor
2. Login as dba user
3. Go to System Admin->User Accounts->Roles
4. Click the link "Edit" for "SPARQL_SPONGE"
5. Select from the list of available user/groups "SPARQL" and click the ">>" button so to add it to the right-positioned list.
6. Click the button "Update"
7. Access again the sparql endpoint in order to be able to retrieve remote data.